TRENT’s Industrial Heating Solutions

Harold E. Trent had the right idea when he said in 1927, “If we are innovative and build equipment our customers can rely on day in and day out, year after year, at a fair price, our reputation for manufacturing quality products and providing quality services will grow and endure.”

Today, after more than 85 years of providing industrial heating solutions, our customers keep coming back. TRENT, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrically heated equipment for diverse industrial and commercial applications. We manufacture electrical heating elements, electric jackets, plug (duct) heaters, oil immersion heaters, and hot plates.

At TRENT, our expertise and know-how has enabled us to remain competitive as a leading electrical heating elements manufacturer for a variety of heating needs for over 85 years. Experienced personnel, with service lengths averaging over 15 years, create work quality that reflects their expertise. With a good mix of experience and youth, TRENT personnel perpetuates this expertise through active training programs led by our experienced craftsmen.

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Trent, Inc.

Trent, Inc.